The Japanese people enjoy very long and very healthy lives without chronic diseses. Obesity & Diabetes are rare phenomena in Japan. The Japanese enjoy low carb high fat "Real Food" such as fatty tuna, fatty salmon, fatty sardines, fatty mackerels, pasture eggs, bacon, beef and pork belly ramen made with bone broth. This low carb high fat ketogenic diet restores metabolic order in the body, reduces inflammation, promotes fat metabolism and long term weight loss. I spent three years in Tokyo writing my books and doing my research and this is what I found ...

Welcome to Japan - The Fat Burning Nation!

Did you know that the Japanese people spend three times more money on food then on housing? The Americans on the other hand spend three times more money on housing and very little on food - mostly processed food.

 “The American Heart Association recommends not more than 100 calories a day from sugar (25g) if you are a woman and not more than 150 calories a day from sugar (40g) if you are a man.”  Not more than 5% of all calories in your diet should come from sugar.

The consequences of overconsumption of processed foods and drinks made with sugar are devestating and directly linked to glucose intolerance, insulin resistance, chronic inflammation and formation of visceral belly fat. This visceral fat is hidden inside your abdominal cavity and it wraps itself around your heart, liver, kidneys and pancreas. 

My name is Oskar Levsky. Obesity is a metabolic disease linked to high fructose in your diet, high blood glucose and high insulin. There are over 60,000 food like products on the market made with grains, potatoes, sugar or high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). The overconsumption of grains, potatoes, sugar (GPS) and (HFCS) leads to glucose intolerance, insulin resistance, chronic inflammation, obesity, glycation of proteins and formation of advanced glycation end prodcuts (AGEs). These are proteins like Hemoglobin A1C that become glycated as a result of exposure to sugar. They can be a factor in aging and in the development or worsening of many degenerative diseases such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, chronic kidney disease, Crohn's disease, Alzheimer's disease.

Remember not more than 5% of all the calories in your diet should come from sugar!

Obesity has absolutely nothing to do with your natural love for beef pot roast, grilled lamb chops and pasture raised chicken that is delicious and nutritious "Real Food"

Yes it is me BEFORE KETO
enjoying processed foods, Grains, Potatoes and Sugar. 

Insulin Resistant?  Overweight? Visceral Belly Fat?  Mood Swings? Anxiety Attacks? Excessive Sweating? Daily Fatigue?  ED?
Frequent trips to the bathroom?

Dietary Ketosis or simply KETO is not a diet but a metabolic switch that allows your body to switch and to burn fat for energy including your own visceral belly fat.

Instead of using glucose for energy (sugar molecules) you will be using ketones for energy (fat molecules).

Remember that reducing inflammation in your body and burning visceral belly fat requires nine hours of good night's sleep and Real Food  for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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Good Night’s Sleep is the time when your body’s healing hormones are released and the immune system shuts down digestion and other non-essential body functions. This sleep time is essential to your health beause when you are sleeping you are actualy fasting. When you are fasting overnight your blood glucose and your blood insulin will be very low in the morning. When your insulin is low you can burn fat for energy including your own visceral belly fat. You need to make sure your dinner contains No Grains (G), No Potatoes (P), No Sugar (S) *** If you do not spike your insulin in the morning with pancakes, maple syrup, orange juice, you will continue burning fat 24/7. Enjoy your morning coffee with cream. Take a five minute break at work and enjoy delicious bone broths during your bussy week.



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Dr Sarah Hallberg
Reversing Type-2 Diabetes

Dr Jason Fung
Understanding Type-2 Diabetes

Dr Andreas Simm
The truth about protein glycation was published in 2013 in Germany by Andreas Simm MD with the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery at University Hospital in Halle, Germany. The research paper Protein glycation during aging and in cardiovascular disease was published in a Special Issue of Journal of Proteomics, Volume 92, October 30, 2013, Pages 248-259

Dr Andreas Simm
Few months later, Andreas Simm published another research paper together with a group of German scientists, about the role of advanced glycation end-products in cellular signaling . The paper was published in Redox Biology Volume 2 on January 9, 2014, Pages: 411-429. This research paper is available at the US National Library of Medicine.

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